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Kingdom of Jesters


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English (English)

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Linux / Unix
MS Windows
Web standard
Tools and Technologies
Godot Engine
Kingdom of Jesters is a funny 'game of minigames' where controls are divided on two zones of the keyboard or controller to make laughs with a friend.

Play as a group of jesters to make the king laugh or you will be... executed! These jesters have the total amount of TWO neurons. Play solo as the two neurons or share one with your friend, who will control the other half of the controls.

Carlos Jiménez Álvarez - UI Programmer
Celia Castaños Bornaechea - Gameplay Programmer
Daniel Redondo Castilla - Game Designer
Luis María Serrano Naranjo - Gameplay Programmer
Pablo Rodriguez Vicente - Gameplay Programmer
Roberto C. Claver Ubiergo - Software/Game Engineer
Silvia García-Moratos Moran - 2D Artist and UI Artist
Aki - Cat-rist
York - Programa-dog

Sound Assets from
gertraut_hacher - Menu and Minigames music
FoolBoy Media - SFX Splat - SFX Trip
sparkle1 - SFX Jump
InspectorJ - SFX Stab
mgleensound - Boo
Riancodgamer - Applause