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Kingdom of Bliss


English (English)

MS Windows
Tools and Technologies
You play as the king of a medieval kingdom who makes decisions to solve problems that other characters give to the king. There are multiple resources for the kingdom that have to be managed and which are affected by the aforementioned decisions. Slowly over the course of the game, a phenomenon spreads over the population in which they continuously laugh without stopping. These people slowly become more and more insane and also demand more and more entertainment. The king has to keep the kingdom's resources afloat amid this “endless laughter disease” long enough for his scientists to develop a cure to the disease, or he can use it to his advantage and manipulate his subjects who fell under the disease to exploit them while giving them things that make them more “entertained” as rewards for their labour.


Programming and Wriitng: Valonad

Art: Malak Shamel

Music: Abrar