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Keep the Show Going


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Game Diversifiers
Lunch Special
Based on a True Story
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies
Godot Engine
A WarioWare-inspired minigame collection. You're hired to run a carnival - the problem is, you're the only employee and the visitors are plenty! Your boss will toss you between minigames, be sure to make him laugh or you're not getting paid today!

A keyboard and mouse are necessary to play this game.

There are five minigames:
- Muscle Flex - mash Space to pump an artificial arm until it's filled up,
- Pet the Cat - hover your mouse over the cat and keep rubbing it until it's satisfied,
- Infinite Monkey Theorem - type in the remaining part of a Shakespearean quote to prove the Infinite Monkey Theorem,
- Nose Cleaning - press and hold your mouse over the stains and keep rubbing them until they're all gone,
- Hat Shuffle - take note which hat the bunny is hiding in, then press the correct one.
Technology Notes
One of the minigames utilizes assets made with Stable Diffusion.