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Just Little Guys

  • Just Little Guys home screen
    Just Little Guys home screen
  • Credits screen
    Credits screen
  • Lobby Screen
    Lobby Screen
  • In-game 1
    In-game 1
  • In-game 2
    In-game 2

English (English)

Game Diversifiers
Game with Friends (Sponsored by Hathora)
Sharing is caring - (Sponsored by Github)
Linux / Unix
Mac OS X
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies
Just Little Guys is a fun run around an obstacle course to get to the objective.
Dress your little guy in animal outfits for different power-ups to help you get across the obstacles before everyone else
You can play online by joining your friends in a lobby, or just hit go to jump into an open game!

- Movement: Arrow Keys/WASD
- Jump: space
- Sprint: left shift

- First person to enter the flames is the true embodiment of just a little guy.
Technology Notes
We use Unity to create the game client & server, the account server is NodeJS and it's hosted with Kubernetes.