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The Joyful Jester And The Cranky King

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MS Windows
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Once upon a time in a distant forest, there lived a king who never laughed. Although his jesters tried and tried, they all ended up failing to amuse the old man.

Longing to experience laughter, the king offered a huge reward for anyone who could make him laugh.

Upon hearing this, a joyful traveling jester decided to take on the challenge. With a bag of jokes and a heart full of fun, he journeyed to the kings palace. His aim wasn't just to win the prize, but to bring joy to the king with the most hilarious show ever, filling his palace with laughter and smiles!

# How To Play
Drag the cards from the bottom onto the stage to influence the jester’s path and see what happens. Your performance ends once the jester reaches the tile in front of the king or falls off the stage.
Installation Instructions
Just unpack the files and start the exe:)