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Joker Duel


English (English)

This game is a 1 vs 1 card game where you use a normal card deck including 2 jokers. The point of the game is to defeat your opponent, and you can do that by either beating him or entering his base. By doing so you need to enter the board, which is made of 5 x 5 cards from the deck that are put down on to the field. The jokers are your piece to control in this game, like a board game use small bricks to move around for the players. Same goes for the jokers, which simply said are the players moving character. Moving around on the board you will be able to open cards you land on, use spells from your hand and other various game mechanics that are added to this game. And it is all made by using the standard cards that you can find a normal card deck.

Rules and explanations:
Starting the game: 1st player draws a card, then moves 1 forward onto the field/board of cards (onto the 5x5 card board). Then the player can put down 1 card from his hand onto the «equipment» board. He can also put down a card onto his «spell board».
«Equipment cards»: Cards you can use as equipment in the game (they have various skills).
«Spell cards»: Cards you can use as spells in various situations during the game.

Note: The different cards have different skills or effects based on their card type (hearts, clubs, diamonds or spades)

After these actions have been used during the players first turn, the 2nd player starts his turn. He can also start by drawing a card, moving 1 space forward onto the field and put down an equipment card and a spell card onto his field. (all from his hand).

The game iterates through this cycle many times where both players amass plenty a tome of prepared spells, as well as a larger pool of equipment.

Equipment are used as both mana (to pay for spells) or as an innate ability. Whenever you use equipment to pay for mana, you tap one equipment card. You must use the same type of equipment card to pay for the spell in question. If you are unable to pay for the spell, you can sacrifice two of any one kind of equipment cards to emulate the effects (in spellcasting) of one mana payment.

Cards that are prepared as spells have differing effects than from if they are face up as equipment cards. These spells usually do something extra.

Cards that are face up on the board itself are treated as room cards and give you a free tap ability (if you do not move that turn) and has a passive defensive bonus that occurs on the opponents turn.

Victory condition
If you can manage to start any of your turns in the same spot your opponent started his very first turn, you win the game!
If the opponent is forced to move, but is unable, you win the game!
If the opponent is forced to lose his final card, you win the game!
If the opponent stands under a room card that is being removed, you win the game!

Have fun :)
Technology Notes
You only require standard deck of playing cards.