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Jester Match


English (English)

Web Special
Jester Match is an engaging memory game. It will not only challenge your mind but also deliver a funny joke upon winning
Technology Notes
Tools: Visual Studio Code
Technologies: ReactJS
Installation Instructions
1. Unzip the file
2. Unzip the file
3. Move the 'public' folder from to the 'jestermatch' folder so that it is located next to the 'src' folder.
4. Open the 'jestermatch' folder in Visual Studio Code.
5. Open the terminal window there.
6. Enter the command "npm install" (without quotes) to automatically install all the necessary modules because there are many of them.
7. Wait for the installation of modules to complete.
8. Enter the command "npm start" (without quotes).
9. Go to http://localhost:3000/ (it launches by default, but the port address may be different if port 3000 is already in use at the moment).