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Chuckles with the Furry Crown


English (English)

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MS Windows
Web standard
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As the royal jester, your purpose is to entertain his Majesty Chester the first of his name.
He is awfully morose and needs you to make him giggle with your juggles and jiggles.
Masterfully juggle as to not let the small balls hit the ground, gracefully catch the bowling pins at the right time and playfully roll around with the beach ball all the while avoiding the king’s daggers!
Your life depends on his amusement!
Fluff around, find out!

Best of luck,
Team Buyo

[A] [D] Move around
[Space] Hold Beach Balls
[W] [S] Beach ball direction
[J] Bounce pins

Team Lead, Programming: Aimilios Seimenis
Programming: Konstantinos Athanasiou, Sotiris Fonsos
Background & Props Art: Lydia Banou
Character Art: Antonia Baziotopoulou
Art Direction & Game Design: Nikos Tziotis
Music & Sound Effects: Nikolas Platon
Technology Notes
Unity 2022.3.4f1