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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies
- Jest-Off -

Containing 3 mini-games, Jest-Off is a Local Multiplayer game made in 48 hours for Global Game Jam 2024.

Our game, which uses cardboard puppets as its artistic language, blends the Victorian period and the Ancient Roman period in a funny way.

The theme at the jam was "Make Me Laugh". For this reason, we tried to address the theme by choosing the method of entertaining the audience as 2 theater actor characters in the play.

- Controls -

Player 1:

First Game: Q and E

Second Game: WASD and E

Third Game: WASD

Player 2:

First Game: O and P

Second Game: Arrow Keys and P

Third Game: Arrow Keys


- Mini-Games -

First Game:

Both players try to move the clown's limbs to the desired points in synchrony. The first player moves the arms and the second player moves the legs.

Second Game:

Players try to copy the penguin photo on the left by making pixel art.

Note: This scene contains more bugs than expected.

Third Game:

In this rhythm-based game, players try to defeat the Tuba Boss.

- The Band -

Onur Varol (yeah me :p) - Coding in Unity and Level Design

Yılmaz Önal - 3D Models, Materials and UV Maps

Ece Eylül Kunt - Illustrations, 3D Models, And Our Inspiration for the Game

Utku Akkulak - 3D Models, Rigging and Basic Animations

Also we should thank Deniz Donat for the banger of main menu music!
Technology Notes