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Jack, Off to Work!

  • Jack picking up items around the house
    Jack, Off to Work!

English (English)

MS Windows
Tools and Technologies
This is an action-platformer game where you play as the Jack in the Box. Your main objective is to prepare yourself for the show but, you, being the typical clumsy jacka** you are, always wake up late, and have to quickly wear anything that you can possibly find, being from normal garments, scraps, clothes, masks, anything that could possibly make him look funny and stand out from the other Jacks and entertain the tough crowd!

Controls are WASD to move around, Space-Bar to jump and hold E on the Cranks (Blue circular devices) as much as possible (up to 4 seconds) to turn around the whole house and reach for the garments
Technology Notes
Have used Photoshop, ProCreate & Audacity