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Ignorance is Bliss

MS Windows
Tools and Technologies
Ignorance is Bliss is a narrative-driven walking simulator that encourages players to choose discomfort over happiness.

Players embody an unnamed character, their journey filled with amusing environments crafted by a friendly companion whose main objective is to make you laugh and keep you happy. But beneath this joyous façade lays the truth: your character has had a difficult life filled with trauma, and the bright, saturated world that greets them is merely a coping mechanism to help them get through each day, numb and ignorant to real life.

Your companion, Lottie, is the personification of how the brain tries to shield you from possible triggers. While these coping mechanisms are an amazing tool to support you in feeling safe and comfortable, they also dull your perceptions, decreasing your experience of the world around you. When nothing is real, you cannot make meaningful connections, you cannot truly heal from the horrible things you’ve been subject to.

Thus, the main goal of the player is to expose themselves to the harsher realities, pulling the veil back in a similar way to ripping off a band-aid. They must directly oppose the only companion they have and go against Lottie’s wishes to stay in the nice, happy state in order to free themselves of the zombie-like haze they’ve been living under all these years.
Installation Instructions
[j] open journal
[e] interact
[space] up ladder
[Lctrl] down on ladder

Hint: activate the spotlights