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I Have No Mouth, and I Must Laugh


English (English)

Tools and Technologies
Unfinished project

Genre: Visual Novel

You live in a simulation created for you by a sinister artificial intelligence.
You are having a dialogue with it.
It tries to understand what humor is and is learning to laugh

Gameplay. Dialogue (Section)

This nervous laughter – is it a shield against fear and awkwardness? Affirm with Yes, deny with No


Laughter as evasion. Do humans use laughter to avoid truth? Yes for evasion, No for sincerity


Laughter at another's misfortune. Is this an expression of inherent cruelty? Yes for cruelty, No for harmless amusement


Gameplay. Endings

Three different endings.
Three different concepts of humor.
Three different laughs by AI

One of the endings:
Echolon lets out a series of calculated, rhythmic chuckles, trying to mimic genuine human laughter. It's mechanical and repetitive, showing the AI's attempt to understand but its inability to fully grasp the concept