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Moon & Swoon
Forrest Gump
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A "PUG-and-play" game.
HotDogWheels is a weirdo-nonsense-full-of-dad-jokes 2D experience.
Pug your skater through the weirdest pipes, jump over the unexpected obstacles and... Let yourself fail sometimes.

A dog that does absurd things, that is disturbed and that is disturbed.

By favoring the ideas that everyone was able to bring, we ended up here.
Here, in the Hot dog Wheel.
A descent to glory.
We rise, for the success, he collapses towards the end despite everything. On top of everything.
What is it? A dog who is on a skate and slides towards the end of the path haunted and hindered by objects and characters that interact at random, crazy interactions.
Platform, objects to move to advance, pigeons that… well. The pigeons that.
There are dangerous objects and sounds that they send to… to do what pigeons do.

We didn't know each other before and we experimented with a collaborative way of improvising, playing with the things that needed to be done for the noblest purpose imaginable: having a laugh.
Each idea earned the space it could afford, inside or outside the context in which it was inserted.
If you're interested, we laughed a lot while making it.
Not all the fun comes with a silver lining, throw yourself into the project with the recklessness with which ASD faces its race towards glory.

The initial screen, celestial voice, until the end, end of the ride, another lap, to see how everything changes, every time.

This is Hot Dog Wheels.