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Holy Defense


English (English)

Persian, Farsi (فارسی)

MS Windows
Playstation 4
Tools and Technologies
Unreal Engine
"Holy Defense" is a third-person action game where players embark on a mission to liberate areas under enemy occupation. Leveraging the power of Unreal Engine 5 and cutting-edge technologies such as MetaHuman and Artificial Intelligence, this game promises a truly immersive experience.
In this game, players immerse themselves in a gripping storyline inspired by real events. The narrative unfolds as gamers undertake the challenge of liberating strategically important zones from enemy control. The use of MetaHuman technology brings characters to life, adding depth and emotion to the unfolding drama.

The dynamic and strategic gameplay mechanics of "Holy Defense" are further enhanced by the capabilities of Unreal Engine 5. Players must navigate through intricately designed environments, employing a mix of combat skills, stealth, and tactical thinking to reclaim occupied territories.
Get ready to experience the next level of gaming with "Holy Defense" – where cutting-edge technology meets a compelling real-world narrative. The battle for liberation awaits, and the players hold the key to reclaiming territories in the name of justice.
Technology Notes
Metahuman, AI, EOS