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Game Diversifiers
Mouthing Off
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies
Unreal Engine
Step into the infernal abyss with "HELLaluJAH," a 2.5D platformer where you make noise to go undetected.
Hell hasn't affected you at all. You aren't suffering as much as other sinners so you decide to sneak out as imps patrol the nightmarish landscapes—utilize your microphone to deceive them by acting like you are suffering by speaking into your mic. Avoid being discovered, solve devilish puzzles by using the power of your screams, and escape Hell. Can you scream your lungs out for your survival?
Technology Notes
The game is controlled with a mouse and keyboard (A & D = Movement, Spacebar = Jump) & the use of a Microphone.
With no microphone, the game is unplayable.
Installation Instructions
Extract the zip file into any folder and open it up in any folder.
Select the executable file and open it up.