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Half Socks


Portuguese, Brazil (Português, Brasil)

Game Diversifiers
Storytelling through audio - (Sponsored by WeLoveIndies)
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies
A torn sock's job is to do stand-up comedy, but it doesn't earn enough to meet its Web Girlfriend. Aware of this, it sets out to find odd jobs around the city to make more money. This over-the-shoulder game features fourth-wall breaks and a 2.5D exploration experience that blends Visual Novel gameplay. Halfsocks 66 is a creative play on words where both 'sock' and 'half' share the same meaning in Portuguese. This linguistic twist adds a playful element to the name, creating a clever and amusing blend. The pronunciation of '66' mirrors that of 'half,' contributing to the wordplay.
Technology Notes
We used a Fifine microphone to record the characters' audio and CapCut for editing.