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MS Windows
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HA-HA!, the side-splittingly hilarious game that brings joy to your screen and laughter to your soul! Dive into a world where the protagonist, Chucklebot the Jovial Jester, is on a quest to collect the rarest commodity in the land: Guffaws!

Join Chucklebot as he navigates absurd landscapes, from Giggle Grove to Snicker Swamp, armed with his trusty whoopee cushion and an arsenal of witty one-liners. His infectious laughter not only defeats enemies but also turns obstacles into comical confetti.

Watch out for Chucklebot's quirky companions—a mischievous rubber chicken and a pun-slinging pun-icorn—who add an extra layer of whimsy to this laughter-filled adventure. With each level, the humor escalates, leaving players in stitches and ready to take on the next uproarious challenge.

HA-HA! is not just a game; it's a rollicking rollercoaster of hilarity that will tickle your funny bone and have you giggling uncontrollably. Get ready for a gaming experience where laughter is the ultimate power-up, and every HA-HA! takes you one step closer to becoming the reigning monarch of mirth!