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Game Diversifiers
Full Steam Ahead
Virtual Reality
Tools and Technologies
Unreal Engine
3D VR game made in Unreal all about operating a food truck with restaurant simulator gameplay. There will be gag ingredients and you will be able to grill ANYTHING! The funniest sandbox VR grilling simulator you'll play this week!

Use the left controller stick to look left and right.
Use the right controller stick to aim and teleport around the map.
Grab any items with your VR controller's grab mechanics.
Interact with UI by using your VR controller's triggers.
Click in the left or right controller stick to access a player help menu. Use the same stick to move the cursor in the menu and the controller's trigger to select an option.

Start up the game and once you're in map, teleport to the bell and either try to grab it or beat it with the spatula to get your cooking ingredients! From there, the grilling world is yours!
Technology Notes
Git, Blender, Valve Index, Meta Quest
Installation Instructions
Just download the zipped folder, unzip it, and run Grillarious.exe with your VR Software running in the background and you'll be ready to grill!