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The Genius Clown

  • Map Vote GUI
    Map Vote GUI
  • Survivor POV
    Survivor POV
  • Clown POV
    Clown POV
  • Random Role Picker GUI
    Random Role Picker GUI
  • Lobby for Intermission
    Lobby for Intermission

English (English)

Language neutral

Generic Mobile
Mac OS X
MS Windows
MS Windows Phone
Tools and Technologies
GameMaker (any product)
A survival game where one player among 2 to 13 players will be chosen to become a genius clown. The genius clown can have 3 abilities where it can use banana skin to slip player, hit player with toy hammer and run 2x faster than other player. When the player got hit by the clown it will play FUNNY sound effect. Player with the lowest hits (points) will win the game. If the clown hit all the player, the clown will win the game. Before the game starts all player can vote 1 map to use (3 maps currently). Player have a ability to dash (5 seconds cooldown).
Technology Notes
This game was developed using Roblox Studio.
Installation Instructions
Download Roblox Studio and Roblox.