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Gendan Honse Soccer League


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Game Diversifiers
Mouthing Off
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies
Godot Engine
A silly little local multiplayer game about horses with weird bodies playing football.

Best played with controller.

To move the legs you need to make them spin.
To spin the legs you need to press and hold the button for the corresponding action, on release of the button, the spinning stops.

Action P1 - Keyboard / Controller / P2 Keyboard / Controller
Front legs forwards - X / B - Xbox , Circle - PS/ M / D-pad Left
Front legs backwards - Z / X - Xbox, Square - PS/ , / D-pad Right
Back legs forwards - A / D-pad Right / L / X - Xbox, Square - PS
Back legs backwards Q / D-pad Left / P / B - Xbox, Circle - PS

Jump Ctrl / LB, RB - Xbox, L1, R1 - PS/ . /LB, RB - Xbox, L1, R1 - PS (single presses only)
Technology Notes
Sounds recorded in Audacity.
Installation Instructions
Unpack the zip, launch the .exe file.
Happy playing!