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Funny Jokers

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English (English)

MS Windows
Tools and Technologies
Unreal Engine
The main character, named Veselun, came from another planet to save the world from sadness. To achieve this, he brought with him a secret weapon that has two modes: happy and sad. But on the way, he met evil funny jokers who interfered with his plans and constantly tickle him so much that you can burst out laughing 😆
Save the world from misfortune by making all people happy using a secret weapon 🙃 And be careful with it, they can also damage 😨 At the same time doesn't forget avoid so much funny people who want you to tickle by controlling theirs happiness 😄

Simple FPS - WASD and mouse
Shoot - left mouse click
Change projectile types - 1 and 2

Big thanks to TitleChanQWERTY for helping with sounds

Game made in 24 hours ;)
Technology Notes
For the assets I use:
- Synty Studio Nature pack -
- For characters: Unreal arms and Female Mannequin Character -
- Music -
- Icons -
- Convert Emoji to image -
Installation Instructions
Download the file, unarchive and run executable file