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FUNgi chase


English (English)

Game Diversifiers
Mouthing Off
Moon & Swoon
Forrest Gump
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies
For shits and giggles you buy and try shrooms from mysterious dealer. Those shrooms definitely do not have any abnormal side effects and they certainly won't send you to the Moon and turn you into mushrooms. The game is played with 2/3/4 players using keyboard, gamepads or both. You are playing a game of tag with your friends. At the start of the game one player will be marked. You can transfer the mark by touching the other player. You lose points if you have the mark and if the enemies hit you. After 90 seconds the player with the most points wins.
Technology Notes
Aseprite, Blender
Installation Instructions
Go to provided url download link and extract the game.