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Fish & Kiss

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English (English)

Game Diversifiers
Lunch Special
One Sheet, One Game
Art of the Tank
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies
Unreal Engine
A dating sim with date arrangement mechanics. Fish your fish, rizz it and take it home!

Dive deep into the enchanting depths of fin-tastic romance with Fish & Kiss!
Navigate through a school of unique Fin-der 🐟 profiles, each with its own distinct personality and preferences. Your mission? Arrange dates tailored to the individual tastes of these finned wonders.

Swipe right on the most intriguing profiles, then hit “date” to fish your next underwater adventure.
Discover their likes and dislikes, and use your incredible date arrangement skills to impress them.
Ride the wave in captivating conversations with your aquatic companions, mastering the art of charming dialogue to win their hearts.

In Fish & Kiss, it's not just about finding a match—it's about finding your soulfish.
Will you be able to swim your way into their hearts and make a splash in the vibrant world of aquatic romance?