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Fire vs Chicken

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Game Diversifiers
Lunch Special
Mouthing Off
MS Windows
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Collect all the eggs and escape from this coop! Don’t let the fire catch you!

"Fire vs Chicken" is a platform game featuring a chicken as the main character trapped in a burning coop. The primary mission in this game is to collect all the eggs and escape from the coop. Be cautious of the pursuing flames and obstacles along the way. Let's save this chicken and bring laughter to its face!
This game offers captivating graphics and delightful music, making it enjoyable for players of all ages.

1. One-handed controls for easy gameplay
2. Collect all eggs and rescue the chicken from the chasing flames
3. Engaging graphics
4. Unique and enjoyable music and sound effects

How to Play:
1. Collect all eggs within the coop
2. Avoid the chasing flames and spikes on the floor
3. Run towards the door to win the game

Game Controls:
* Click D or → to move forward
* Click A or ← to move backward
* Click W, ↑, or space bar to jump

Rated for 7+
Installation Instructions
1. Download "Fire vs Chicken" game at
2. Extract the "Global Game Jam 2024=Fire VS Chicken.rar" file
3. Run "Fire VS Chicken.exe"
4. Enjoy the game!

*Only for Windows OS