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Failed Comedian Makes it Big!


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Game Diversifiers
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Full of Beans (Sponsored by Tranzfuser)
Explore the possibilities - (Sponsored by Leonardo.Ai)
All For One
A board game about making money as a failed comedian by telling unfunny, but not unoriginal, jokes.

Each player starts with a £5 loan from their family - they don't even have to pay it back, because love is unconditional.

for each of the 8 locations, insert a setup card, fill in the prebooked spaces and prepare its starting deck. Only fill in the numbered prebooked spaces corresponding to your player count or higher (In a 2 player game fill in the spaces labeled with a 2 and 3, in a 3 player game fill in only those labeled 3, for 4 players fill no numbered spaces).
a starting deck depends on the location, each card with the location's number on it starts in that locations starting deck, the remaining cards are shuffled and dealt randomly to each starting deck until they are full to 7 cards.

Then remove from each starting deck cards matching the prebooked time slots for the week.
First remove yellow bookings by alternating between removing yellow/green and yellow/red jokes;
Second remove red and green bookings by removing a yellow/red and yellow/green joke respectively, if there are none to remove: remove red/green jokes instead.

The game is divided into two rounds, within which there are two phases.
In the booking phase players book train tickets and book themselves in to perform at venues - fitting into those venues' regular schedules.
In the performance phase players travel to their bookings, tell, and learn new jokes.

During the booking phase each player takes 8 actions one at a time in order to either book a train ticket, or reserve a show at a venue.
When you book a train ticket, take a player marker and place it on the train route you want to book
- This reservation can be used to travel along the route once during the performance phase for free without spending an action
- You may use a train ticket on any day of the week - The power of off-peak singles is extraordinary
- Each route may have any number of reservations, there's plenty of space on the trains!
When you reserve a venue only you may perform there on the day you book.
- Performing at a booked venue still costs an action, but only you may take that action
- Be careful though! if you don't show up to your booking, anyone who is there gets to perform without spending an action.

During the performance phase each player takes 14 actions two at a time (2 actions per day for a week) to travel, learn jokes, or perform. Remember you can also travel using a booked train ticket without spending an action
When you travel, you travel along any number of train routes, however the journey costs £1 for each link past the first you travel along.
When you learn a joke, you learn the top joke of your current location's joke deck, add it to your hand at the end of your turn
- note you can't learn a joke and tell it in the same turn, since it gets added at the end of your turn
When you perform at a venue select a joke from your hand and play it to the bottom of the venue's joke deck, it can be drawn again later, then place the corrosponding joke cube in the venue's joke tracker. You get paid for your joke, the more original it is the better!
- When you tell a joke, if nobody has told a joke of the same kind you get £1 for each unique color that has been told this week
- Prebooked jokes in the future don't count!
- If your joke is of the same kind as one already told this week is is _UNORIGINAL_ and you only get paid £1
- At the end of your turn, if you didn't perform at a reservation discard the worker you used to book it - You won't get it back next week!

At the end of the week, remove all jokes from each venue's joke tracker, then replace the prebooked jokes
Leave hands, decks, and player locations the same.

After the second round, the comedian with the most money wins!
Technology Notes
This is a Board Game!!!