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Lil Content Guy

  • Gameplay Screenshot 'Lil Guy', Nr 1
    Gameplay 1
  • Gameplay Screenshot 'Lil Guy', Nr 2
    Gameplay 2
  • Gameplay Screenshot 'Lil Guy', Nr 3, Many Balls
    Gameplay 3, Many Balls

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Based on a True Story
Mac OS X
MS Windows
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Imagine you're a little guy -- with a special job.

Have ever wondered where all that funny content on your phone comes from? Some say it's AI-powered algorithms that optimize for engagement, exploiting users and keeping them addicted, all for the sake of shareholder profits. But that's wrong. It's actually a little guy in your phone who hand-selects everything you see. And yes, he knows exactly what you look at on that phone. But he doesn't judge. He's just a little guy.