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Exit Exist?

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English (English)

MS Windows
Tools and Technologies
Godot Engine
The Chastiser, trapped in hell, is trying to escape.
He is helped by Kitsune, who has fallen into the demonic world.
To escape, he must pass through the gates of hell, guarded by Cerberus. He can't be kill, but you can stun him for a while and then run to the gate. Cerberus' attack can be deactivated or weakened with the help of hell jokes.
Since the hero is not in the infernal realm, he will have to scout the area to accumulate jokes.
The hero will accumulate jokes in his head from the inhabitants of hell. Each resident has its own activities and prozbi, which will help to understand the essence of life in hell, thereby creating jokes.
Having collected a certain number of jokes, it is better, before it is too late, to tell Cerberus, because at the death of the hero, he scores them and will have to pass all the activity to reprohad. But at the same time you should not often visit Cerberus, because he will smell that you zamishlyayut something and will eat you.
In some paths you can be detained by passersby and kill or on the contrary help you pass through an unreachable area.
Having escaped to the gate, in the purgatory the hero learns that it is impossible to return to the real world, after which the hero just stays sitting on a bench in the purgatory.

Made in Ukraine....
Technology Notes
Miro, Godot, Aseprite, FL Studio