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Draw your clown: Battle for the laughs


English (English)

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Lunch Special
MS Windows
Web standard
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Submission for the Malaga Jam Weekend 17, site of the Global Game Jam 2024


Have you ever dreamed about bringing to life your own clown? Now you can do it and make them fight in the most funny way with your friends!


Let your imagination fly and draw your own clown, expressing your own sense of humor.


Then, join the battle for the laughs, throwing anything you can imagine to each other.

Drawing Turn

Use a mouse or any drawing tool you like

Fighting Turn

Press the button assigned to your player position

Player One (Left): Key A

Player Two (Right): Key L

Fran Gambero (@Takox): Game Design and Programming

Jesús Porras (@Limonerox): Programming, 2D Art and Animation

Adrián Cortés ((@acortes_music)): Music and SFX