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DON'T Make me Laugh!

  • Level 04
  • Level 01

Portuguese, Brazil (Português, Brasil)

Game Diversifiers
Lunch Special
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies
This game is about a rat trying not to get killed by laughing gas. You must help him turn off the leaking cylinders before he gives his last laugh. The gameplay is simple, you control with WASD or the Arrows, and you interact with the front of the cylinders with E. There are 5 levels and two modes of playing, Easy and Hard. Hard mode becomes available after you complete the game on easy once.
Technology Notes
Blender and Photoshop were used to create the assets.

External credits:
Dan Knoflicek for the Main Menu Music.
AntumDeluge for the cackling and the squeaking.
Ville Nousiainen for the gameplay song.
IgnasD for the Meow sound.
Installation Instructions
Just Unpack the executable and run it on Windows.