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尋笑 Find Laugh


Chinese, Traditional (繁體中文)

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Full Steam Ahead
All For One
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies
Unreal Engine

- WASD移動
- 滑鼠轉動視角
- 滑鼠左鍵互動


Game Overview:
This is a first-person 3D exploration game where players take on the role of a husband aiming to bring a smile to his unhappy wife. To achieve this, players must explore the scene in search of gifts that can win her heart.
During the exploration, gifts are shrouded in mysterious veils, and players can only discern their potential to please her through the laughter emanating from the items. The true nature of the gift is only revealed at the moment of giving, allowing players and the wife to experience the surprise together. However, be careful not to choose the wrong item, as the wife may become upset. To salvage this precarious marriage, strive to improve her favorability! Be cautious and make the right choices to win her over.

- WASD to Move
- Mouse Move to turn around player view
- Mouse LB Click to Interact