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English (English)

Linux / Unix
Tools and Technologies
Godot Engine
"Dad_Jomkes" is a whimsical 2D visual novel game that pits dads against each other in an epic battle of wit and humor. Set in a cozy suburban neighborhood, the game follows a group of dads who gather at the local park every Sunday for their weekly joke-off. Each dad is armed with a repertoire of puns, one-liners, and dad jokes, and they compete to determine who truly reigns as the king of comedy.

Players take on the role of one of the dads, navigating through dialogue trees and decision points as they strategize their way to victory. The goal is not only to deliver the funniest jokes but also to anticipate the reactions of the other dads and adjust their comedic approach accordingly.

As players progress through the game, they'll encounter a colorful cast of dad characters, each with their own unique personalities and comedic styles. From the classic "dad joke" aficionado to the master of dry wit, every dad brings something different to the table.

The game features charming 2D visuals with expressive character animations and vibrant backgrounds that capture the nostalgic charm of suburban life. Whether it's a heated debate over the merits of puns versus slapstick humor or a dramatic showdown of epic proportions, "Dad_Jomkes" promises laughs, camaraderie, and plenty of dad-approved fun for players of all ages.