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Comic Chronos: Laughs in Time

  • 8 cards with comedy prompts on them. this is a card sample from the alpha print and play
    card sample from the alpha print and play

English (English)

Game Diversifiers
Lunch Special
Oh no, the comedy timeline was shattered!
As an aspiring comedy curator, you must strategically place comedy shows, books, and albums in the correct chronological order. Race against your opponents and be the first to successfully finish your hand of comedy chronicles to claim the title of the wittiest curator in the game!

Are you ready to fix comedy history? Let’s go!


Joan Nobile - game designer/writer
Canva - art assets

Thanks to Buffalo Game Space & The Dept. of Media Study @ The University at Buffalo!
Technology Notes
You'll need access to a printer for the Print-and-Play cards.
Installation Instructions
* Unzip the file using your favorite unzipper.
* Print out the cards & assemble them (they're meant to be double sided).
* Follow the game instructions.
* Have fun!