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Global Game Jam'24 - 48 Hours

Theme: Make Me laugh.

Welcome to 'Comedy Showdown'! Are you ready to prove your comedic chops in the ultimate battle of wit and humor?

The game kicks off with a quirky twist: a robotic warm-up session where you must nail the jokes to pass the initial exam. Fail, and it's game over! But if you succeed, get ready for the real challenge.

You'll face a diverse cast of characters, each with their unique sense of humor. Your mission? Analyze their style and tailor your jokes to match. Whether it's dry wit, slapstick, or sarcasm, you'll need to think quick and keep the laughs coming.

But beware: one wrong joke and you'll lose a heart. Fail three times, and it's curtains. Receive a certificate at the end, grading your performance and showcasing your comedic genius to the world.

Get ready to laugh, learn, and conquer the 'Comedy Showdown'!


- Gonçalo Valente (Programmer);

- Rita Gomes (2D Artist);

- Filipe Cunha (2D Artist, 3D Artist);

- Beatriz Santos (2D Artist);
Installation Instructions
Open the link and you should be displayed with the game.