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Comedian Dream


English (English)

Game Diversifiers
Never give up - (Sponsored by dot big bang)
Full Steam Ahead
Art of the Tank
MS Windows
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In the picturesque town of Monochrome, wrapped in the charm of the 1920s, lived Sam, a young man whose dreams were as vast as his heart: to spread joy through humor\n\n The bustling Monochrome market, a melting pot of scents and colors, revealed itself as the perfect stage for an aspiring comedian.

One day, armed with a sudden courage, Sam stood atop a crate of apples and sent his first joke into the wind.

A timid murmur of laughter, which soon transformed into a wave of hearty laughs, flooded the square. In that moment, Sam understood that his true happiness lay in eliciting laughter from others.
Installation Instructions
Unzip and play game