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Language neutral

MS Windows
Tools and Technologies
Godot Engine
You awake in a dimly lit stage.
Behind you, the giggling Jester peers from the backstage; ahead of you sit the audience, awaiting your performance.
And to either side of you are the previous performers, fellow aspiring comedians crucified for the crime of being boring.
The audience grows restless. You better make them laugh.
Welcome to ComedEvil.



1. Avoid the trash thrown by the angry crowd! (move with WASD)
2. Use the crucified comedians as shields or weapons! (pick up with LEFT MOUSE BUTTON)
3. Throw the trash back at the audience to make them laugh at each other's misery! Happy viewers won't throw trash at you, but they won't be entertained forever!
4. Keep in mind: The Jester will try to smack you off the stage whenever your back is turned!
5. When most of the audience are happy, you win!


Originally made in GGJ 2024: Make Me Laugh.

Made in Godot Engine.

3D, 2D Assets: António Canteiro.
Mechanics/Programming: Luís Silva, Rodrigo Mesquita.
Shaders/Game Design: Rodrigo Mesquita.
Sound Effects: Pedro Camponês.
Music: André Costa.