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Clowning Around for Freedom

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    Screenshot of Clowning Around for Freedom

English (English)

MS Windows
Tools and Technologies
Godot Engine
Once, a man committed a crime and was swiftly caught by the police, landing him in prison. Unable to bear the harsh reality of prison life, he hatched a plan to escape.

During his escape attempt, an alert police officer noticed him and began tailing him. In a stroke of luck, the fugitive stumbled upon a circus tent and ducked inside. There, he found a clown costume and decided to use it as a disguise.

Now, forced into an unexpected turn of events, the man is navigating the world of the circus, donning the clown attire and taking on the role of an unwitting performer, all while trying to evade the grasp of the law.

A, D to move AND play some minigames
Arrow Keys (←,↑,→) to play some minigames
E to pick up a minigame
Q to drop the minigame

Technology Notes
Aseprite was used to make the pixel art
Installation Instructions
just unzip the files and run the .exe file