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Clowning Around

  • Subtitle: "Hold down the [D] key to move forward"
  • The player's clown and a mime standing on a small stage facing each other
    What would you do in this situation?
  • The player's clown looking at a jack-in-the-box with a scary grin while it's out of his box
    Be careful to not touch them when they're out!
  • A mime pointing a finger-gun at the player's clown
    Look out! He's pointing at you!

Italian (Italiano)

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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies
This game is about a clown who has to bring back the laughter in this town full of unhappy mimes.

The voice of Harlequin came back in town and saw that all of his mimes are in a bad mood; that's not what he was expecting...
So, after finding a clown – the perfect candidate for his quest – he gave him the ability to bring back the joy in all of his mimes. The only downside being the loss of his arms and legs.
Can you make it to the end without losing your clown's happiness?