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Clowning Around

  • A Palafita Group Production!
    A Palafita Group Production!

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You are a clown! Your mission is to make people happy!
So go do that, look for what they want to be happy through their thoughts, and deliver it to them!
Watch out, if you take too long they get impatient and sad. If your happiness meter reaches zero, you lose.
Do your Best to make as many people happy as possible!

Press the Spacebar to interact, move with arrows or wasd.
Take photos with the camera on the left, and don't forget to place it back on it's stand when you are done.
Make balloons with the Helium gas can on the right.
If anybody has an exclamation mark on, avoid them! They will try to fill your hands with trash, which you have to dispose off in the trash can down the room. The trash can can also be used to throw away excess balloons.

Made by Palafita Group:
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