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A Clown at a FUNeral


English (English)

MS Windows
Tools and Technologies
Unreal Engine
You are a clown hired by the deceased to cheer up his family at his funeral, but your joke book blew away in the wind and the pages are scattered throughout the cemetery! Find your jokes and cheer everyone up before the evil ghosts of depression win!

How to play:
Collect pages from your joke book that have been scattered throughout the cemetery and bring them back to the people attending the funeral. Avoid the ghosts!

WASD to move
Space to jump
Mouse to turn and look
E to interact with people and pick stuff up
Left Click to shoot clown noses from your horn (after you find the horn)
M or Esc to pause

Sound Credits:

"booooooo" by payattention at

"Slide Whistle, Descending, B (H1)" by InspectorJ at (Played in reverse)

"Funny Souls Scary Variations" by querywilly at

"Clown_Horn" by inplay at

"Laugh Track 2" by LittleRainySeasons at

"Spring city forest birds chirp sound effect" by Garuda1982 at

Additional sounds from Pixabay


Silver Sparkles - geoffharvey (Pixabay)
Fun and Quirky Jazz - Music_For_Videos (Pixabay)

Technology Notes
Maya, Substance Suite, Blender, Zbrush,
Installation Instructions
Unzip and play!