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Clown Escape


English (English)

Mac OS X
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies
High-Flyin' Henry was bought by the ringmaster as a child 10 years ago. Since then, Henry has been a clown. He has made fun of himself, been made fun of, and always ridiculed as stupid because of his occupation. Now Henry has had ENOUGH! He wants to escape this fabric prison that has been all that he has known these years, to see the world. To be FREE!
He has planned it all. Tonight he will ESCAPE during his cannon shooting show. In front of all!

Help Henry escape from the circus tent by controlling the canon, avoiding the obstacles and using the trampolines to escape through the hole in the roof or the golden hoops on the ground.

To control the angles and rotating the canon use; WASD control.
Hold SPACEBAR to increase the force of the canon, and release spacebar to shoot Henry.
Press R to restart the game.
Use your mouse to change the camera angle.

Technology Notes
The game is made in Unity, 3D models, except Henry, is made from scratch in Blender. Most 2D images are made in Adobe Illustrator. All animations are made in Unity. Ben (bloham) and Antonio (velmis) were in-charge of programming and creating the game in Unity, while Richika (blanche_neige) was in charge of making most of the 3D and 2D assets. bloham is the level planner and leader of our group. The skybox was made in Adobe Photoshop.