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Closed Captions


English (English)

Game Diversifiers
Game with Friends (Sponsored by Hathora)
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies
Play with up to 5 friends in this humorous blast to the past where the audience get to say what goes. Watch a clip from a film and then everyone gets to write their funny caption!
Vote for your favourite answers and laugh out loud at the ones that flop.

To play:
- The host of the game inputs their chosen room name and selects "Create Game."
- Up to four other players can join the room by inputting that specified code and pressing "Join Game."
- Once you and your friends are in, hit the check box to signal a thumbs up. Start the game to begin watching the silver screen with your friends and make em' laugh with your own Closed Captions.

Chloe Michelle - Art
Jean Xu - Art
John Pelkman - Programming
Elliot Hayward - Design

41 Clips used from following films:
• Batman 2022
• Kung fu Hustle 2004
• The Heroic Trio 1993
• The Return of Captain Invincible 1983
• Starcrash 1978
• Cilgin Kiz Ve Uc Super Adam (Three Superman Mad girl) 1973
• Son of Godzilla 1967
• One Million Years BC 1966
• Jason and the Argonauts 1963
• Plan 9 From Outer space 1959

Installation guide:
Each player downloads and unzip file and open the .exe
*Internet connection required*