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Climbing a tree on a mountain (PCVR)


English (English)

Game Diversifiers
Based on a True Story
Virtual Reality
Tools and Technologies
My fear of heights and falling makes me laugh nervously, and what better way to induce laughter into your players than with fear!
Use the grip buttons to grab onto structures along the tree.
Climb and throw yourself to the top as fast as you can or just enjoy the view.
Please feel free to use the highscore mechanic in the game to see how fast you can go, my personal record is around 20 seconds.

Thank you!


Assets made by others were all used within their respective license:
Physics based hand-interactions: Autohand (purchased) - by Earnest Robot:
Mountains and rock models: Dark Fantasy Gigantic Environment (free) - by Tropical Studio:
Tree model: Mountain Trees, Dynamic Nature (free) - by NatureManufacture :
Rainbow: InfiniCLOUD (purchased) - by ArtnGame :
Mushroom model - Cartoon mushrooms game ready (free) - by GraphicNTT :
Wooden beams and planks - The Big Castle Kit (free) - by Triplebrick :
Skybox: AllSky Free - by rpgwithelock :

Note: Most materials and shaders have been reworked by me to fit the art style og the game and accomodate for VR and URP, so some assets may look very different from their source.
All shaders beyond the basic lit shader were made by me, e.g: subsurface scattering for the leaves, wind movement on leaves, dynamic clouds and so on.

SFX credits:
Wind shaking tree rustling leaves (free):
BG music Himalayas (free):
Ambience wind (free):
Sparkle sfx (free):
Installation Instructions
Unzip the files and run Roots2.exe
Make sure to have a PCVR headset connect, preferably a Quest headset as that was what I developed it for.