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Clash of Clowns


English (English)

MS Windows
Tools and Technologies
Clash of Clowns is a local multiplayer (2-4) fighting game where clowns fight to win over the audience.
Only one can be the winner and be hailed as the Champion of Entertainment.
Use your might and mettle, interact with your environment and secure the most prestigious title of all!
You can even alt+Enter! Hell yeah!
You need at least one friend to play it. (One player keyboard, one with gamepad or everyone with gamepads!)

[Keyboard] ------------- [Controller] (PS/XBOX)
Join: Enter -------------- Options button / Start button
Pause: Escape ---------- Options button / Start button
Movement: W-A-S-D -- Left Analog Stick
Attack: F ---------------- Square button/ X button
Dash: L Shift ----------- Circle button/ B button
Pick Up: E -------------- Triangle button/ Y button
Throw: Spacebar ------ X button/ A button