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Chuckles the Clown

  • A Mysterious Note
  • Chuckles Himself
  • An Interesting Book
  • What a fun Jack In The Box
  • The Unity Scene

English (English)

Game Diversifiers
Based on a True Story
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies
Step into the eerie world of "Chuckles the Clown," a top-down horror game where your mission is to navigate a complex maze under the watchful eye of Chuckles, a mysterious and nefarious entity. Chuckles want to laugh, can you keep him happy? The labyrinth's winding paths and endless corridors become even more menacing as each turn leads to another dead end, but every dead end contains another secret to discover.

The game's ambiance is steeped in suspense, and the constant pursuit of making Chuckles laugh adds a unique twist to the classic maze challenge. Can you unravel the labyrinth's secrets and appease Chuckles? Put your headphones on, dim the lights and try to make the clown laugh.
Technology Notes
Installation Instructions
Install GameJam2024.exe and open to play. :)