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Game Diversifiers
Never give up - (Sponsored by dot big bang)
MS Windows
Web Special
Tools and Technologies
Godot Engine
A salaryman with aspirations of becoming a master a using chopsticks to impress his friends and coworkers is visited by the Grand Goddess of Chopsticks Ohashiyashi and blessed with having his hands replaced with chopsticks!
Although thrilled to be given such a chance to prove his mastery, this may prove to be difficult condition. The goddesses blessing can only be completed through the power of laughter so do your best with what you've got starting from your lunch. Hopefully chopstick hands are at least good for eating.

WASD and arrow keys or gamepad control sticks to move chopstick hands
Mouse click for navigating menus
Technology Notes
Web version is on the page. Recommended play is with controllers, we tested with PS4 and Xbox 360 controllers but support might not be wide.
Installation Instructions
Unzip from folder and run chopstuck.exe