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Cheer Me Up, Smiley!


English (English)

Linux / Unix
MS Windows
Web standard
Tools and Technologies
Play in Fullscreen Mode!

A team of Ukrainian developers created this game. During 1 week of development, we had 35 air raid attacks by russiaIsATerroristState. We had to take shelter for 1 day and 20 hours total.
💛💙StandWithUkraine 💙💛

To win a game cheer up every person. See the progress in the bottom left corner!

Some people are more disappointed in life - they are harder to bring joy to. Some people are tired of monotony in life - show them strong negative emotions instead!

There are two types of mini-games: where you have to click on positive emotions, and where you have to click on negative. Pay attention to which emotions are valid for each game!

When you cheer up a person, you gain health. If you fail the mini-game, you lose your health. The health slowly drops as the game goes on. Be quick!
Player controls:

WASD - Walk
Spacebar - Jump
E - Interact

Known issues:
The camera rotates to the right or left when the game is not in Fullscreen mode. Please use Fullscreen mode.
Speedlines don't display correctly when the game is not in Fullscreen mode.


Programming, asset integration:
Main character design, model, and animation:
Sound design:
Music: GeneralRomell

Assets Used

NPC Animations:

Synths from
Synths from

And huge thanks to the game development community for making tutorials, videos, and posts. This helped us immeasurably!
Installation Instructions
Unzip and run "Cheer me up, Smiley!.exe"