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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies
Welcome to Carcajade!

It is a weird name, isnt it? It comes from mixing the spanish word "Carcajada" and the type of game "Arcade".

You're known as BCE (aka Big Clown Ever 🤡). This year has been tough for everyone, so you have decided to make a party for everyone at the school, to boost their morale.
As a perfectionist, you need everything to go well and encourage as many people as you can with your jokes. If you fail, your party will be a failure.

How to play:

When someone comes up to you, you have to try to figure out the best way to make them laugh: a silly joke, a catch phrase, a comical action or an hilarious story.
Choose the best way to make them laugh by clicking on it. If you get it right you will get a point. If not, your guests' patience will decrease. Hurry before time runs out! ⏱️
Development team
2D Artist: Tiwhy
Game Designer: Nemesis
Music, VFX & Sound designer: Mega Milo
Programmer: Blue Joe
Technology Notes
Aseprite, photoshop
Installation Instructions
download the, open the folder and run the Carcajade.exe