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Butts Be Gone Securities - The Stepped on Servant

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English (English)

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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies
Unreal Engine
Mr. Cletus Butts has been job hunting for the past 6 months for a job in this hard economy. Finally he finds a job after 50 interviews. Go through his journey as he works his Butt off for the company only to earn peanuts compared to the share holders.

Can you survive from 9:00 am to 5:00pm for 5 days? Your task is to juggle between replying to emails, making sure you start your shift on time (9:00 AM sharp), stay focused in online meetings, and more!

Look around - Mouse
Move - WASD
Interact - Left Click
Grab - Hold Left Click

- Smash the phone to stop the noise.
- Smash the coffee machine to spawn coffee.
- Finger print scanner is luck based.
- Replying in meeting and replying to emails are quick time events.

Zaid Issa - Programming, Environment Design, Voice Design, Sound Design
Hamzeh Al-Jafari - Modeling, Level Design, Texturing, Material Design
Mahmoud Al-Hmoud - Modeling

Collaboration powered by GIT.
Technology Notes
AutoDesk Maya - Modeling
Substance Painter - Texturing
Photoshop - Texture Editing
ElevenLabs - AI Voice
Github Desktop - Source Control
Installation Instructions
Unzip and play!
Make sure to unzip in new folder.