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Bonzo's Aftermatch


English (English)

Game Diversifiers
Moon & Swoon

So listen, it's story of a big purple monkey, he was the king of the Microsoft Windows XP town ya know.

He came into someone's computer, did goofy sh** and left after making it smoke more than me on a daily basis, like the real BADASS he is.

But then, we completely forgot about him, and he was kinda frickin' upset about this.

So he woke up the next morning, he got into our world and decided to take the time to port it into a vintage IBM computer (Real shit right there).

He then transformed everyone into textemoji and started to control their mind.

But somehow, someway, sometime, somewhere, someone was immune to his mind control.

So the Big purple monkey guy, he was kinda little angry and wanted to end all of it by killing him.

So our hero, Pooker (?) started a small journey to save the day.

Now I could tell this story with more enthusiasm, but listen.

If some giant ass rando purple monkey managed to go out there and store the world into a 80's IBM PC, I don't know what's restraining Tai.AI to do it to.

Anyways, save the world or not, my final message, I don't care, we're too f'ed up to be saved.
Technology Notes
Used Pico 8
Installation Instructions
1. Extract
2. Launch "index.html"