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The Best Jest


English (English)

Tools and Technologies
Godot Engine
You’re an aspiring bard with a dream - to travel through the Kingdom of Jokes and best-er the court jester in a battle of beautiful ballads and ruthless roasts. To be allowed into the castle, you have to first battle the champion of every inn in the kingdom. Easy peasy, right? Right?

How to play?
Travel from inn to inn to fight the current champions. To fight a bard, choose 3 card out of 5, pulling them to your side of the table. Your opponent chooses their as well. Once all cards are on the table, roll the dice to activate the cards chosen by you. To activate a given card, you have to roll exactly the numbers shown on them. The number shown in the green part of the card tells you, how strong your performance is (and how much damage it will deal to the opponent). You can reroll any - or all - of the dice once per battle. Once you're satisfied with the results of your roll, click the cards that can be activated. Remember that you're rolling not only for yourself but also for your opponent! After a won battle, you can move to another inn or a special event.
Have fun!